Open Education Post Bulletin Volume 5





Human Resource Administration

Mrs NT Sipahlanga / Mr TK Dimbaza

Volume 5




040 608 4545 / 4548



Date Posted:

School-based Educators

Feb 02,2018

1.             Important Information for all applicants

A.    Applications should be made by downloading the attached Eastern Cape Province application form (Educator Employment Profile EDP 01 Form). Such form must be photocopied from this bulletin. Additional copies of this application form can be obtained from any District Office. This form combines the information in the standard application form and the standard CV information into one Employment Profile Form. Although the standard form may still be used, the Employment Profile Form provides SGBs with additional information in order to shortlist candidates.

B.    Application Forms are to be accompanied by all relevant documentation. (Recommended list)

  Completed (EDP 01) application form Certified copy of the green South African Identity document

  Certified copies of all academic qualifications, which must include appropriate training as educator

 Certified copy of membership certificate with SACE (OR proof of application for registration)

C.    Forms without all the relevant documentation will be discarded.

D.    Separate application forms should be completed for Each Post. Each form must be accompanied by the required documentation. Completed forms which are photocopied will not be accepted.

E.     Where there is misrepresentation of facts, or any other deviations from these procedures, regulations, or collective agreements, the Department reserves the right not to fill the post or posts affected.

F.     The post, post number and the name of the educational institution for which an application is made should be clearly stated.

G.    No late applications will be accepted.

H.    Successful candidates are only to assume duty on receipt of an official letter of appointment signed by the relevant District Director.

All applications must be directed to the relevant District Offices only.

J.      The Eastern Cape Department of Education is an affirmative action employer.

K.    The requirements for appointment to the post of principals: A recognised three- or four-year qualification, which includes professional teacher education.

Registration with SACE as a professional educator.

Good Management and Leadership skills. 7 years of teaching experience.

L.     Post not filled by the prescribed date as per Management Plan will be re-advertised.

NB. You can regard your application as unsuccessful if you have not heard from the Department within three months of the closing date.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Shortlisted candidates will be expected to pay for their own travelling costs.

2.             KEY:     S/L     Salary Level

Post Level

Salary Level

Salary Range

Principal Sl


RI 08450 - R665109

Principal PI


R308877 - R665109

Principal P2


R367773 - R772176

Principal P3


R439914 - R887571

Principal P4


R508422 -R914454

Principal P5


R626559 - R942192

3.             ENQUIRIES should be directed to relevant District office. Contact details are provided below.

4.             Please see attached the posts advertised.

Addresses of District Offices:

Forward all applications to the District Director of the respective District as listed below (no application forms must be submitted to schools)

East London: 

Mr. E. G. Klaasen

Tel: 043-7086229

Address: P/B X 9007 E.L 5200

Fort Beaufort 

Ms P. Futshane

Tel: 046- 6451179

Address: P/B X 2041 F.B.T



King Willam’s Town

Mr. E.G. Klaasen

Tel: 043- 6043200

Address: P/B X 0055 K.W.T



Mr. AT Fetsha

Tel: 047-5481097 / 99

Address: P/B X 214

 Engcobo 5050


Ms. L.M. Dyodo

Tel: 047- 5420210 / 12

Address: P/B X 466

 Qumbu 5180


Ms L.M. Dyodo

Tel: 047- 5024268 / 200

Address: P/B X 5003

Mthatha  5100 


Mr. V. Joseph

Tel: 047- 5027401

Address: P/B 518

Libode 5160


Mr. T. Mxotwa

Tel: 047- 4891438 / 147

Address: P/B X 1203

Dutywa 5000


Mr. T. Mxotwa

Tel: 047- 4910647 / 48 / 49

Address: P/B X 3019

 Butterworth 4960 


Mr. AT Fetsha

Tel: 047 -4880024

Address: P/B X 1229

Cofimvaba 5380


Mr. H.N. Godlo

Tel: 048 –8813103 / 5

Address: P/B X 82

Cradock 5880


Mr. N. Magadu

Tel: 051- 6110052 / 6342009

Address: P/B X 5026

Sterkspruit 9762 


Mr. H.N. Godlo

Tel: 045 – 8588900

Address: P/B X 7053

Queenstown 5320

Lady Frere

Mr. H.N. Godlo

Tel: 047 -8780009

Address: P/B X 1152

Lady Frere 5410


Mr. A. Mpupu

Tel: 039 - 2510975

Address: P/B X 504

Bizana 4800

Mount Fletcher 

Mr. N. Magadu

Tel: 039- 2570963

Address: P/B X 1133

Mount Fletcher


Mr. L. Mtatyana

Tel: 039 - 2560111

Address: P/B X 9003

Matatiele 4730


Mr. V. Joseph

Tel: 039 - 2536620

Address: P/B X 1010

Lusikisiki  4820


Mr.  N.R.W. De Bruyn

Tel: 049- 8072202

Address: P/B X 726

Graaff-Reinet 6280

Mount Frere 

Mr. L. Mtatyana

Tel: 039 - 2550005

Address: P/B X 9001

Mount  Frere 5090


Mr.  N.R.W. De Bruyn

Tel: 046- 6229310

Address: P/B X 1001

Grahamstown 6140


Mr. E. Gorgonzola

Tel: 041- 9954000

Address: P/B X 64

Uitenhage  6200

Port Elizabeth

Mr. E. Gorgonzola

Tel: 041- 4034402 / 434

Address: P/B X 3915

North End

Port Elizabeth 6056