SG hopes to bring positive change in the department

Posted on Tuesday, 14 March 2017

By Cheera Dee Robinson

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The recently appointed Superintendent General (SG), Temba Kojana hosted his first team building session with all Eastern Cape Department of Education (ECDoE) Head Office staff members, earlier this month at the Christian Centre in East London.

With low morale, bad working conditions and overall a dampened atmosphere at Head Office in Zwelitsha, Kojana is determined to make a positive change at ECDoE. 

Government employees gathered in groups with anticipation, singing and dancing, while waiting for the SG’s address.  Taking his responsibilities very seriously, Kojana opened his address by saying, “We are entrusted to empower people in the Eastern Cape.”  “I personally made a conscious decision to lead you, my staff, from Zwelitsha and not from afar.”  “I believe I am part of you, and I am here to build my team.”

With cheers and loud clapping, employees were excited and listened attentively, Kojana continued and gave advice to all that were present, saying:

  • You must confront reality head on
  • Say what needs to be said
  • Lead change – be the change that you want to see
  • Make decisions
  • Give credit to others

  • These were just a few motivating pointers that he conveyed.

    When in session, groups had to pick one of the 10 pointers conveyed, 85% of the groups chose the pointer – Communicate openly and frequently.

    This was a clear message to Top Management for the need to openly communicate decisions made by themselves, to the rest of the employees at head office, in order to move forward – One Goal, One Direction.

    With one core function at the ECDoE to provide quality learning and teaching to the Eastern Cape, employees were given guidance to hold fortnightly meetings within their chief directorates and hold yourself and others accountable for their actions, Kojana said:  “Let us be steadfast and stay on this mission – Make an impact.

    Employees were highly motivated when leaving their first team building session and are looking forward to the next one, to be held in September.

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    Sindi commented on 14 Mar, 2017 12:32

    Thank You Cheera Dee, maybe me and you will review our 2016's thoughts of......, I mean....., thanks ei

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    VIOLET NOZINTOMBI NYAMANI commented on 15 Mar, 2017 07:00

    I am interested to be a member of the team that will work towards bringing change in the Eastern Cape Department of Education. I'm presently serving in the Free State Dept.of Education as a teacher and HOD for Languages.

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    Ntombenani Blom commented on 23 Mar, 2017 09:53

    I am worried because we are. about to lose the so called walk-in-temp.posts while we are celbrating human rights month. We are not considered at all yet at home we are bread winners. I don't understand the role of our so called democratic leaders because here in Eastern Cape there is no much difference between despotic gorvernment and democratic gorvenment .The department of basic education failed to pay us our salaries since january this year . We are suffering together with our families therefore I plead to the Department of basic education to treat us with digninity ,we voted for this gorvenment and we have a right to be employed and to maintain our families as responsible parents,

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    nontuthuzelo ralushe commented on 24 Mar, 2017 08:33

    Mr Kojana has been appointed in human rights month Iets hope he will bring change in the education sector in our province and the 1st thing of thee various issues that need to be addressed here is human resources who are qualified enough to bring ideas in this dept I mean more staff need to be hired with more knowledge and skills to serve the department.

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    Whitney Mzwandile Ndotshayisa commented on 27 Mar, 2017 08:21

    Dear SG I'm the principal of J.F Mati SSS.I just wish to express our greatest gratitude for the kind of assistance I received from your office when I called your P.A.If all the personnel in this department can be like that I'm sure all our principal can appreciate such support from our would only get such response from the person who really like her job and who is dedicated in helping whoever needs help without necessarily know that person. Once again thank you had it not for you Maam we wouldn't be having a fence in our school.However we are looking forward to have a proper infrastructure before the end of this finan iCal period.we also appreciate the quick responce in fixing our prefab structure so that tuition can take placeWe so wish that this global warming can give us a break so that our learners and teachers can work in an environment that is conductive for teaching and learning.

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