SG Blog for this Friday: Update On Payment of Teaching Staff

Posted on Friday, 02 June 2017

By Communications

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SG's Blog topic will give update about the cases already resolved for payment of teaching staff in all districts.  Some officials have been paid and others are still being processed by the department.  You are urged to submit your queries to your District.

NOTE: Kindly please provide the Department with your ID or Persal number when submitting your query.  The department has received queries but some cannot be checked in our system without an ID or Persal Number. SMS your ID/Persal Number to 072 307 8358/ email:

Thank you Qaphela Luthuli @ 072 307 8358

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Nkululeko Sibanda commented on 03 Jun, 2017 04:15

My persal number is 56362242. I longed my concern on this blog on 9 May and l have not received any feedback from the investigation as promised. I applied for a salary upgrade as l was paid using a lowest salary scale. My district official said my papers were submitted to the head office way back and do not know what's the holdup. Please help. 0739165583/0785949641

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beauty james commented on 06 Jun, 2017 08:31

I was in east London two weeks back and it was said that iam on the list but they are waiting for the SG to sign

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Wiseman Thomas commented on 06 Jun, 2017 09:33

Persal 52145719 Query non payment of acting principal from 2016 October to 30 June 2017

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N. I Sopazi- Sixaxa commented on 06 Jun, 2017 06:15

Walk in ,not paid since February

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Jean Lombard commented on 08 Jun, 2017 05:52

Ms Futa, a walk-in teacher at Jabavu Senior Secondary School in Alice has not yet received payment. I am assisting the school by working with all stakeholders as I am a Mentor in the Mentorship Programme for Principals. I am a retired Circuit Manager of the Fort Beaufort Education District Office. The walk-ins are also not getting payslips and when a payment comes through they do not know what the payment is for in terms of which or how many months and whether the 37%s are included or not. I am not in a place where I can furnish Ms Futa's persal or contact details but will submit it to your office early next week per e-mail. This blog is a blessing for all. Thank you for your support. Jean Lombard Mentor

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Cannan MABHEKA commented on 09 Jun, 2017 06:03

My persal is55497535 i have not received a salary since january.I am a temporary teacher in libode district stationed at Vhakele technical school.

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Andiswa Maliwa commented on 12 Jun, 2017 12:45

I would like to know if its possible to get less than 150 thousand payment for nine months? Please do assist me by emailing me the print out ,I want to check this salary .The reason I request it from you sir is that its been a month no Persal system working in my district and there is no network. Secondly ,I worked as a substitute educator at eNgcobo district but I haven't received any payment till today, they keep promising at the district but still nothing Please help me and I would appreciate your assistance. My Persal number is 56546521 .ID is 8809091688081. Thanks in advance!

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Canaan Mabeka commented on 12 Jun, 2017 08:03

Thank you so much for this blog. At least our quirries come to you directly. My Persal number is 55497535 and contact number 0731136617. I have not been paid since Dec 2016. I have submitted all documents. I am based at Vakele Technical SSS under OR Tambo Thank you.

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Nobulali Sigabi commented on 13 Jun, 2017 11:05

All those who have salary related queries, please forward your details to Mr. Qaphela Luthuli on the following number: 0723078358

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Nwabisa Gogela commented on 13 Jun, 2017 05:44

My ID number 8407150517083 I have not received a salary since February .I am a substitute teacher in East London secondary.

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Mawabo Silekwa commented on 28 Jun, 2017 08:47

I have 2 teachers in my school who WEre appointEd in March but up to now have not been placed, they were said to have been waiting authorisation. Let this blog be of assistance if it's meant for. It is where we air our griefs to the SG.

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Root.Dlulane commented on 29 Jun, 2017 07:59

It is difficult for schools to get newly graduated qualified teachers with remedial or special needs qualification. I also wonder why the remedial posts are reffered to as temporary posts till December. I also propose that teachers with REMEDIAL QUALIFICATIONS already in the system must be allowed to fill the posts.

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Sphokazi Portia Bhali commented on 17 Jul, 2017 02:25

Dear SG.I'd no 8202020496083,I was appointed as an admin clerk at Ndzondelelo high in PE on the 23 of March 2017; Iwish to know if my payment has been processed yet or how long should Iwait.Thankyou

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