Sanitary Towels distributed to learners at Humansdorp

Posted on Thursday, 03 August 2017

By Siya Vena

Category: Latest News

On the 2nd of August 2017, a sanitary dignity programme was held at Humansdorp Country Club,pupils from Vulumzi High School, Khanyisa Special Schools and Lungiso High School to name a few, where invited. This initiative was led by the Office of the Premier, with the support of the sister Departments of Education and Social Development.

Mrs. P Msikinya- Malebogo from the Office of the Premier said, “the purpose of the day was to give sanitary towels to a girl child, as they are needed by a lot of them.  Most kids can’t afford them and they are needed monthly. The Government felt the need to help,” added Malebogo. She also stated that both girls and boys where invited on purpose to this programme as they want the boy child to be in support of the girl child. She continued to explain that a girl child should be given as much support as possible by the parents, teachers and their peers.

Mr. Thanduxolo Buda from Sakha Amadoda Project who did a presentation on the day, said that their aim was to get absent fathers to be involved in their children’s lives and give support to all those that are present but not working. He said, that it was very important to teach a boy child responsibility at a very young age, so that they grow up knowing what to do as a man. He also stated that he was very proud of what the Government is doing, giving away these sanitary towels, as they are really needed by kids especially in disadvantaged areas. He concluded by saying,“they will always be in support of the boy child as they will grow up to be pillars of their communities.”

Mr. Selwyn Bruiners, Deputy Director for Special Programmes Directorate from ECDoE, said “there are so many challenges faced by societies, such as human trafficking, substance abuse, rape and teenage pregnancies to name a few, that children should be taught at a very young age values and responsibility,all these things should be taught both at schools and at home.” In conclusion Bruinersalso explained to the pupils that values will determine their destiny and the decisions they make in life. He added that,“Just because you from a poor background, it does not give you the right to be disrespectful, things need to change now and its starts with all of us.”

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