MEC kick starts accountability meeting with principals

Posted on Monday, 06 March 2017

By Cheera Dee Robinson

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The Eastern Cape Department of Education, Honourable MEC Mandla Makupula kick started his accountability meetings with principals from underperforming schools in Mthatha at Trinset on the 03 March 2017.

In terms of section 16 A (i) of the South African Schools Act (SASA) No. 84 of 1996 as amended by Education Laws Amendment Act No.31 of 2007, school Principals must report on the academic performance of their schools. When the school underperforms the Principal must state the reasons and according to Section 58 B must provide the Head of Department with an Academic Improvement Performance Plan (APIP) to improve the situation.

Ntsikelelo Vazi, Acting Chief Director for Cluster A, advised principals to, “Refocus themselves to get back to the core business of the Department.”

“You are a representative of the ECDoE, at your institutions (schools)”, said Makupula as he addressed the principals from Lusikisiki and Libode Districts.  “You are doing such a delicate job, we need to make a positive contribution to our learners' lives.”

The Provincial Department has a standard of 60% pass rate in each school and as such obtaining a pass rate below 60% in the National Senior Certificate (NSC) results is identified as underperforming as per Section 58 B (1) of SASA.

The MEC is working towards improving the National Senior Certificate (NSC) results by hosting Chief Education Specialists (EDOs) from the Department, Circuit Managers, Principals of underperforming schools (2016 NSC) and school management team members to try and come up with a plan to remedy the situation while the academic year is still at the beginning."

The principals then engaged in discussions around their specific problems that they are facing at their schools, which directly affect their overall performance.  Teenage Pregnancy, bullism, drugs abuse, security issues, scholar transport, no text books and lack of maths and science teachers, just to mention a few.  Vazi wrote all these concerns down and addressed them and will get the relevant sections at the ECDoE involved to eradicate these concerns at the various schools.

Makupula ended off by saying, “I am pleading with you to make a change, I know it won’t change overnight, but it will change, just start.” 

Over the next few weeks, the MEC will be travelling to different Districts to address all the principals from underperforming Further Education and Training (FET) Schools.

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Nobuntu commented on 18 Mar, 2017 05:29

The only thing that the government should do is to employ educators. Teachers are overloaded because of shortage of teachers especially to rural areas .Our problems starts from foundation phase especially in rural areas because most of the schools combined foundation phase. Foundation phase are not supposed to be combined .

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