Learner battling it out on the field for a spot in the National Athletics Championships

Posted on Monday, 06 March 2017

By Nobulali Sigabi

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Learners braved the heat this past weekend (3rd-4th March 2017) as they participated in the Provincial Primary Schools Athletics held in Cradock.

The two days event saw all Provincial Municipalities bringing their best athletes to compete for a chance to represent the Province of the Eastern Cape in the National Primary Schools Athletics that will take place later this month. The following Municipalities were present and represented: Joe Gqabi, Nelson Mandela Bay, Sarah Baartman, Alfred Nzo, Cacadu, Chris Hani, OR Tambo, Buffalo City and Amatole. To say our learners were on form is an understatement as they literally brought their best foot forward and delivered excellent performances and displayed great sportsmanship.

It was a very tight competition in the short distance runs between the Joe Gqabi, Nelson Mandela Bay and Chris Hani Municipalities as neither refused to back down and be outrun by the other. Buffalo City also gave them a run for their money with outstanding performances. We also saw Alfred Nzo making strides in the long distance runs as they demonstrated great stamina and determination finishing strong.

The enthusiasm, excitement and energy were not only experienced on the tracks but invoked the same on the field as well where parents and spectators were kept on their feet and at times giving a standing ovation as learners were battling it out in the short put, javelin, long jump and high jump. The exhibition of willpower, strength and talent by learners was commendable and worthy to be celebrated, nurtured and developed.

Credit should be given to the teachers who spend time coaching, educating, instructing and nurturing these young ones. It takes determination, love, and resilience to raise, support, encourage and discipline a child you did not give birth to, but these teachers do it willingly and with ease. Kudos to all the mothers and fathers who come in the form of teachers for raising and educating future leaders, sportsman and Athletes.

The sterling performances and presentation of skill that was shown was indeed a true display of boldness and courage.  These learners were and are an epitome of victory and what it is to be a true winner. They may not all have qualified for the National championships but their efforts, sweat and hard labour will always be recognized and acknowledged as they endeavour for greatness and prominence in the world of Athletics.

Those that had an opportunity to be endowed and awarded with medals will be informed of their qualifying times and whether they have managed to qualify for the National games via their districts. We take this time to congratulate them and wish them all the best.

Even those that did not receive medals are encouraged to never lose focus and to continue putting more effort in sharpening their skill as this will help them unleash their true potential and ultimately reach their set standard of greatness.

“Continuous effort – Not strength or intelligent – is the key to unlocking your true potentional"

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