ECDoE warns operating unregistered Private Schools

Posted on Friday, 20 January 2017

By Communications

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The Department of Education in the Eastern Cape has recently discovered a myriad of private schools who are operating illegally in the Eastern Cape Province since the academic year has started this year.  These illegal private schools, mushrooming across the Province, are enrolling learners who are unaware of their status with the department

The department would like to send a stern warning to any company or individual operating such schools, that they may face the wrath of the law for failing to comply with the prescribed policies.

Despite this warning, parents are also urged to take responsibility and verify if the school they are enrolling their children to is registered or not before they commit to registering their children.

Additionally, any operators of these schools found to be on the wrong side of the law will face the likelihood of being blacklisted and not be considered for registration or receive subsidies from the state.

The department further wishes to bring to the attention of these operators that according to the Regulations for the Management of Independent Schools, no person may:

    Establish or maintain a school that has not been registered in terms of regulations
    Establish or maintain a school that has been deregistered.

If any of the above are not adhered to, and the person (operator) is found in transgression, they are liable upon conviction to:

    A fine or:
    Imprisonment for a period not exceeding three (3) months.

All companies and individuals interested to operate private of independent schools in the province are therefore urged to visit their district offices for help on any issues relating to their registration and operation.

Issued by:  Communications Unit, Department of Education
Enquiries:  Mali Mtima @083 795 2117/084 230 1976

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