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Posted on Monday, 03 April 2017

By Nobulali Sigabi

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The workshop provided and offered a lot of insight, acumen and expertise on the following: leave management, file plan and document management, standardized job description, work plans, procedural guidelines for submissions, compliance issues and dress code.

Addressing the personnel, SG ThembaKojana alluded that PA’s / Office Managers must understand that they are the face of the units they are employed in. They also play a very important role of influencing and advising in their respective offices. They are therefore the ones who manages what goes in and out of the office; the rise and fall of their offices depends largely on how they handle and manage information and what goes on in their units. “They are the pulse of the organization”, said Mr. Kojana.

The SG spoke comprehensively on improving the way work is done and how things should be done. From the time of his appointment, his message has been that of leading and embracing change. “Be the change you want to see” has become his mantra as he seeks to introduce a new work ethic within the Department. He zoomed his focus on the same key points that he professed during the staff team building session that was held in East London a few weeks ago, as he believes these will assist the organization to be more efficient and proficient:

  • Confront reality head on 
  • Seek feedback and listen
  • Say what must be said having the courage to put your opinion on the table even if they are unpopular
  • Communicate openly and frequently
  • Lead change; be the change you want to see
  • Make decisions and move forward
  • Give credit to others
  • Hold yourself accountable

    He further indicated that there are three fundamental areas that drive the department, which he also believes should be the fundamental building blocks during this era which are:
  • Communication,
  • Performance Management and
  • Accountability

He also acknowledged that these key focal points could never be achieved if departmental employees are not properly capacitated and resourced hence he approved a programme where all Personal Assistants and Office managers are to receive a laptop with built in data and a cellphone to improve working conditions and flow of information.

He also addressed the matter of Performance Management Development System (PMDS) where encouraged employee to keep record and compile reports of work done that will qualify them for an incentive. Rewarding an employee through this system requires one to produce proof of evidence of the extra mile taken.

SG also reminded personnel that what should drive them is their work and the desire to serve so as to change the outlook of the organization.

“Change is imminent therefore all should see it as a process that is ongoing. Change is not an event but a process,” said Mr. Kojana

Closing the Workshop Dr. SoyisileNuku, Chief Director in the Office of the SG spoke widely on organizational culture and left the group with these profound words – “Always strive to leave a legacy at work. Make your remarkable contribution at all costs”.

He said that the workshop is done to project the department as a “caring and responsive department to its clients”. It is for this reason that this workshop has been organized, suffice to say the meetings between the SG and PA’s/Office Managers will be held on a quarterly basis to improve efficiency.

He further quoted Martin Luther King Jnr when he said “If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as Michel Angelo painted, or Beethoven composed music or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say; here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well”.

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Andre Peter van Rensburg commented on 06 Apr, 2017 03:38

Well motivated , positive , inspirational speech from our SG. Keep it up. Let it continue to bring about change in our mind sets , never give up and do more.

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Nobulali Sigabi commented on 06 Apr, 2017 12:45

Thank You for your comment Andre.

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Khiva Sihlalo commented on 09 Apr, 2017 05:12

We are ever grateful when we receive slice of wisdom from our department. we hope that an effort to put into practice all these wonderful words will direct us in a way that is accountable and responsible.

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Nobulali Sigabi commented on 10 Apr, 2017 08:22

Your comment is noted Khiva, thank you for your positive response.

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